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Interested In Going Abroad? Make It Happen With An Internship!

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Physical therapy intern in Thailand

Do you love to travel? Do you need an excuse to jet around the world? Are you having a hard time fitting a semester abroad into your budget? Maybe you should consider an internship abroad. Interning abroad is an opportunity for you to gain the same experience study abroad has to offer, except you’re getting real experience.

Studying abroad can be very costly, sometimes even exceeding the amount of your tuition. However, pretty much all of the students that have come back said it was the best experience of their life.

An internship abroad is very similar to a study abroad program in that it provides a way for you gain cultural understanding of your host city while also gaining real work experience. Not to mention the price difference is quite favorable. Whether the internship is paid or you’re able to get financial help from your school, it’s a more cost-effective way to spend time overseas than taking classes.

Beware of internship placement companies that expect you to fork over thousands of dollars just for being placed in an overseas internship (never mind living expenses…).

The logistics for interning abroad are almost the same as a study program because many internships you find abroad are part of an intern program. They assist you with the whole “going abroad” process. Many of the programs include internship placement and supervision, housing, meal plans (occasionally), financial aid counseling, and sometimes language training. Instead of getting credits that may not transfer, you get this loaded experience to put on your resume! Think about it….

Take This Internship and USE It!

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Don't fret, an internship will pay off...

A few years back Anya Kamenetz wrote a disparaging article for the New York Times about the portrayal of internships and their ineffectiveness among students. Her reference to interns being equivalent to illegal immigrants makes it seem like interns only do menial work for menial pay, if they’re paid anything at all, and that an internship experience isn’t what the real world is about. This 2006 article may have been relevant in those times, but these days, internships DO matter. In fact, internships matter more now than ever.

The first point Kamenetz makes is that internships are only simulations to what a real job would entail. Not true.

Interns are no longer considered lowly servants who run around and get food and coffee — at least in most instances. Many companies now look to place their interns in positions where they are involved with the company and getting hands-on experience with projects.

As an advertising major, if I were to go to an ad firm with my resume and they saw host, nanny, and swim coach, I’m pretty sure they would laugh in my face. Being immersed in an environment related to your field of interest where you can learn the protocol intrigues employers. Experience does matter!

Many colleges are in fact making internships a graduation requirement. This is a benefit for you, the student, not the school. With an internship you can see what sort of work your major entails, and you can actually get some experience with that work.

Finding an internship may be a daunting process.

Many students put it off for as long as they can, even when they have the help of a career service adviser. That’s because you either have no clue where to start, or are overloaded with emails about all of the internships opportunities you could be interested in. How do you know which internship would be right for you?

Finding an internship that isn’t the coffee-fetching nightmare Kamenetz describes is tough. Do companies take advantage to students seeking internships? Sure. But that’s why InternInc.com is building out ratings and tools to ensure both students and employers are getting feedback. If a company has a track record to abusing the internship experience, students can warn others to avoid internships with that company.

Similarly, students should be accountable for the work they do. Just because an internship isn’t paid, doesn’t mean students can or should just coast through the experience so they can slap a big name on their resume.

What do you think? Have you had a great internship that really helped you out later? Have you had a nightmare internship? Let us know! Drop a comment here or DM us @internink or @interninc on Twitter!

Getting an Internship Is Tough, Intern Inc. Makes It Easier

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Having trouble finding an internship? Intern Inc. can help!

What’s a college graduate to do? Many students are finding it difficult to get a job paying minimum wage — about 20 percent of 2009 graduates successfully found jobs by last April whereas about 25 percent of students with internship experience had jobs lined up.

The virtues of internship experience are vast, but the recession is redoubling the value of experience. There’s no more resting on your laurels, just your accomplishments.

So if the solution to this problem is for you to find an internship, where do you begin your search?

Getting an internship can seem daunting. How do you go about finding one? How do you know which one fits? Will the internship count as credit towards my degree? These are all questions you should be asking yourself, and sometimes it’s hard to find the right answers.

Intern Inc. is working to simplify the process for you. Whether you’re looking for an internship in New York City or near your school, paid or unpaid, in industries ranging from consumer products like Nestle to tax and accounting with KPMG, we’re building a platform that makes the whole internship process simpler and better, from start to finish.

We are here to help you not only find an internship, but find you the right one. You may be getting an email overload from your career counselor with numerous internship opportunities, but do you know which ones to look through? Intern Inc. helps narrow your search by providing you with a list of opportunities that fit your needs based on your profile.

Our goal is help you build out a modern, Web 2.0 professional profile that goes beyond your paper resume. We want to simplify and clarify the problems facing a student seeking an internship. Join our site, let us know what you think and here’s to pulling the internship process into the modern age!

Want a higher paying job? Well, get an internship!

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A breakdown of what employers look for in a candidate

If you’re looking for a higher earning potential when entering the job market out of college, having internship experience is key. 49 percent of employers say when they’re looking to higher college grads, they place more emphasis on those with experience outside of the classroom. Why is this experience so crucial? When you graduate from college, everyone has a degree. A degree is not enough to differentiate you from competition for the same position.

If you expect to make big bucks right off the bat, you’ll want to make sure you have the experience to attract employers’ attention. Many internships you’ll come across are unpaid, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pay off later.

Employers are looking for someone with skills not found in the classroom. Every employer wants you to have appropriate work etiquette and be able to interact in a professional setting. And they want you to know how to handle responsibilities involved in your desired field, not just homework submissions and tests. We have all played the grade game and the workplace is not a game where high test scores and extra credit matter.

The workplace is however, a competitive playing field where the quality of your work matters, organization makes everything run smoother, and a loaded resume will most likely lead to greater opportunities. So why not take the opportunity to fill your resume with experience outside of a restaurant gig or shelf stocking, and create that competitive advantage that will get you a real foot in the door. Make your employer realize they want you because of your skills, not just your GPA. Get an internship!

Spotlight On: Fashion Internships

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The fashion industry is full of people who are dying to be the next Anna Wintour or Marc Jacobs. Money, fame and glamor lure people to major cities all over the world in hopes of making their fashion dreams come true.  The reality is, the fashion industry is cutthroat.  Whether you want to be a photographer, a designer, an editor or just an overall fashion icon, you’ve got to have a competitive edge.

Look no further than Bravo’sKell on Earth” for a glance into the ultra-competitive, tough world of fashion through the eyes of Kelly Cutrone — a fashion PR icon and founder of People’s Revolution. Cutrone rips through her interns in several episodes. It’s indicative of the dues young adults in fashion are expected to pay to make it in the industry.

It can be tough, but an internship is a great way to get a feel for the industry, get your name out there, and gain an advantage over all the fashion hopefuls.

What kind of internship you should shoot for depends a lot on how you want to get involved in fashion. It could be public relations, branding, marketing, design, production and so much more. Here’s a few recent examples of internships. Compare your skills to what these postings require. It’s a great way to figure out how to hone your skills and narrow your focus so you can make your way into the industry.

NYC – Dana Maxx Assistant Needed
Women’s RTW company Dana-Maxx (www.dana-maxx.com) is looking for an assistant who can begin ASAP and who has the ability to potentially grow with the company. The paid internship is approximately 1-3 days per week and hours vary.

Assistant responsibilities include:

-Working directly with the designer
-Sending emails and making calls on a daily basis
-Sending weekly updates
-Manage showroom samples
-Assisting the designer in various business meetings
-Helping with fittings
-Picking up fabric
-Meeting with vendors
-Attending private events
-Assisting the designer with daily duties and responsibilities
Candidate must have the following qualifications:
-Organized and focused
-Ability to multitask
-Hard working and passionate
-Flexible schedule
-Enthusiastic and positive attitude!
Please email your resume and availability. In the subject line, please put “Dana-Maxx Assistant.” Emails without this title will be disregarded! intern@dana-maxx.com
Interviews will be set up ASAP.

NYC – Ardistia New York Fashion Marketing & Business Internship
Company: Ardistia New York
Location: Flatiron/Gramercy
Availability: 2-3 full days/week
Duration: 2 months minimum
# of Interns: 2
Contact: Ardistia Dwiasri (ardistia@ardistianewyork.com)
Note: Please email only your resume. Include the number of days and hours/day you can work. Bachelor degree in Business and Fashion Design/Merchandising degree (AAS or BA) is required. Only qualified candidates will be contacted via email. This is an unpaid position. Thank you for your interest.
Job title: Fashion Marketing & Business Internship

Miami – Fashion Intern
· Location of internship: Miami, FL
· Name of company: MIAU Fashion
· Where applicants should send their applications: events@miaufashion.com
Concierge and Online Boutique, MIAU Fashion is seeking a bi-lingual intern to work directly with the owner and PR Company for a series of upcoming sales events and the re-launch of our online boutique.
This is a NON-PAID internship with bonuses based on your performance. Must be able to commit at least 10 hours per week between Brickell and South Beach. Must have reliable transportation and a lap top computer. Passion and knowledge about fashion is required. We encourage students to apply for class credit. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the credit granting process with their school. This internship can lead to a permanent position for the right candidate.
Only serious candidates need to apply. If you are interested please submit your resume along with a cover letter describing your interest in this internship and your available schedule.
Please email to events@miaufashion.com

LA – Three Rock & Republic Internships
Rock & Republic, located in Culver City, CA is currently seeking two interns for the LASR (Los Angeles Showroom) located in downtown LA to assist the team. Interns will assist with our major accounts, Market week, and other projects/ duties as assigned. Interns with retail experience preferred. Please send your resume to jobs@rockandrepublic.com

NYC – Handbag Company looks for short-term intern
JANUARY 30TH, 2010
Searching for a organized, efficient and fast worker with advanced computer skills. Looking for someone able to dedicate 5 days a week but on a short term time spand. At least 2 years working experience in the fashion industry required with a good understanding of all the industry terms. This will be a paid job earning $8 an hour.
Knowledge of the fashion industry is a must!
Please send all resumes to info@malinim.com

NYC – HH Productions Intern
JANUARY 21ST, 2010
HH Productions – Union Square, NYC , United States
Full service fashion company seeking stylish, proactive interns to assist through fashion week and market.
We work with the very best in the world.. Vogue, In Style, Barney’s, Intermix, Harvey Nichols, to name a few. Our focus is on Sales, Marketing, Brand Development, PR, Events, and Merchandising.
This internship is an excellent opportunity to connect and grow within the fashion industry.
We offer our interns real opportunities and help them move on to the next level!
This internship is unpaid but comes with perks.
Please only serious applicants apply, students preferred.
Thank you!
Please send resumes to:

Guess Internship Program
JANUARY 19TH, 2010
2010 Summer Internship Program will begin in June! GUESS offers opportunities in many different dept.’s. Apply now! www.guessinc.com/work
Visit Guess for more information.

NYC – Twinkle by Wenlan Design Intern
JANUARY 15TH, 2010
Fashion Design Intern
· Good sketching ability
· Fundamental knowledge of garment construction
· Basic sewing skills
· Must be hard working and a team player
· Creative, entrepreneurial, and detail-orientated
· Ability to recognize and react to change if work demands
· Will work in trimming, design, sketch, design board, inspiration, photo shoot, styling and fashion show
Showroom & Sales Assistant Intern
· Excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills
· Assist in growing the label and the business
· Will work directly with the sales team to organize and run sales events
· Track showroom samples
· Keep showroom neat and organized at all times
· Sit in on buying meetings
Positions available: 2
Start: Within 2 weeks
Clothing allowance available
Position held in New York City, in the heart of fashion district
Please send resume to internship@twinklebywenlan.com

Fashion Internships & Jobs Around the Web
JANUARY 14TH, 2010
NY – Summer interns needed at Cosmo
?? – Fashion Law Internship w/ Staci Riordan
NY – Frank Tell design internship
Remote – Factio Magazine Internship
NY – Elie Tahari Design Internship
NY - Elle Accessories intern
NY – Fashionista.com needs fashion week interns
NY – Harpers Bazaar needs FT editorial interns

NYC – Vogue Accessories Intern

JANUARY 14TH, 2010

New York, NY

VOGUE Spring 2010 Accessories
The accessories department at Vogue is looking for interns who can start immediately. Candidates must be self starters, extremely organized, have a great sense of decorum, as well as open to responsibility. Applicants must also be able to work Mondays as well as 3-4 days a week, and be able to receive documented school credit.
Please send cover letter and resume to megan_hayes@vogue.com

Also check out some solid fashion career advice.

If you think you’re ready to dive in, check out the Fashion Career Expo

Are Unpaid Internships Illegal?

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Don't get eaten by jaguar sharks, intern.

Don't get eaten by jaguar sharks, intern.

These days, 84 percent of college students complete an internship before graduation and 64 percent of those are paid.

So are the other 36 percent college-educated slaves shackled by the burden of building a resume while being whipped until each and every TPS Report is filed alphabetically?

The legality of unpaid internships has been clouded by companies that don’t develop a truly valuable internship experience. Small companies may have a lot to offer a student looking for experience through an internship. They might not necessarily be able to afford paying an intern though. But when an internship is unpaid, it needs to meet a higher standard for what the intern gets out of it in terms of experience. In other words, if you can’t pay your intern, you better make sure they’re really getting something of value for their time.

Unpaid internships themselves aren’t illegal — it’s just that there are too many employers that can get away with substituting a valuable experiential learning experience with a filing cabinet and some phone jockeying.

It’s not unpaid internships that are the problem. It’s employers that think an intern is for slinging coffee.

Many employers offer internships that are either unpaid or for college credit in lieu of pay. The intern meme is that of a college student desperate for experience, hurriedly filing away endless mountains of paperwork, doing menial tasks and being given unwanted work.

If a business’ internship programs fits that meme, chances are it’s illegal. The Department of Labor created a 6-point test to evaluate whether a “trainee” is an intern or technically an “employee.” Each of these six points must be true for a legal internship:

1. If the training, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to training which would be given in a vocational school;
2. If the training is for the benefit of the trainee;
3. If the trainees do not displace regular employees, but work under close observation;
4. If the employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the trainees and, on occasion, the employer’s operations are actually impeded;
5. If the trainees are not necessarily entitled to employment at the completion of the training period;
6. If the employer and the trainees understand that the trainees are not entitled to wages for the time spent in training.
The part that makes this dicey is displacing regular employees and the bit about the employer not directly benefiting from the activities of the intern. That may make you scratch your head — aren’t interns supposed to help? Yes and no.

Interns should be benefitting at least as much if not more than the employer from a given internship. At play here is the idea that an employer should be taking a hit to their productivity by taking time out to help serve a mentorship role, teaching the intern and helping them develop.

But let’s turn the tables and think about internships for a second: Sure, some smaller companies might be able to offer a great experience to a student looking to add experience to their resume. But at the same time, if the extra help isn’t worth $8 an hour to a company, there’s probably either something wrong with the help…or the company.